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Company operates within the domain of consulting services, enterier & exterior design, civil engineering, construction works, delivery and servicing of equipment and representation of building material manufacturers.

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Quality Policy

Quality policy provides SAMEX GROUP company continuous maintaining and improving of quality and business, with the goal of achieving highest quality of products and services with full compliance with the regulations.

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Our qualifications

As reliable partner with international experience, flexible and easily ADJUSTABLE to different demands of market, SAMEX GROUP succesfully works with domestic and foreign partners.

Our References...

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    Construction of bridge - overpass

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    "For rough construction works and roofing of a family house, the price vary from 150 to 170 euros per square meter and the price does not include land development fee, paperwork...
    In "Turnkey" system service calculation includes connections, installations, facade and interior, so the average price is between 370 and 470 euros per square meter, depending from the quality of materials installed..."

ISO standards

14001 OHSAS


ISO 50001

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