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SAMEX GROUP Ltd. was founded in 1990 in Belgrade, under the registration number 1-5349-00. Our business services range from the field of consulting, design interior, exterior, engineering, works in construction, to delivery and servicing of equipment and representation of companies manufacturers of building materials.

The main activity is construction, with special emphasis on the execution of major construction works of buildings up to a 10-stories high.

Also, SAMEX GROUP Ltd. provides reputable local companies and public companies, a full service construction of all types and purposes, with indoor and outdoor furnishing by the “turnkey” system. Strategic choices of SAMEX GROUP Ltd. are directed towards adapting the integral conditions of the world market and establishing the best possible cooperation and business relations with our partners-clients.

Based on the business performance of major construction works as well as the sale of construction materials on special projects, SAMEX GROUP Ltd. is a parallel work on the expansion of its programs so that they appeared on the market in other areas (residential, tourist, industrial complexes, as well as in complex reconstruction of the old city buildings).

The SAMEX GROUP Ltd. employeesare flexibly organized - their business activities are conducted independently or using shared resources, applying contemporary knowledge and experience of its engineers and the world's top technology, including appropriate international regulations, standards, recommendations and quality system.

SAMEX GROUP Ltd. has earned a reputation as a reliable partner in the period of over 25 years of existence, has developed a wide range of activities, always offering the highest quality and standard. Successfully completed projects that SAMEX GROUP Ltd. realized in the previous period, with certificates of the Purchaser that all jobs were completed on time and quality, is the best reference for future jobs.

Our services and materials are finding their place in the following types of buildings:

  • commercial and public buildings,
  • residential buildings and villas,
  • hotels and tourism facilities
  • hospitals and other health care facilities,
  • telecommunication facilities,
  • Industrial buildings - halls
  • infrastructure with supporting facilities,
  • construction of public swimming pools
  • adaptation of buildings

As a reliable partner with international experience, easily adaptable to a variety of market demands and flexible, SAMEX GROUP Ltd. successfully cooperates with domestic and foreign partners. In order to provide our service to a client and in accordance with the strategic orientation of the Company, SAMEX GROUP Ltd. has expanded its program of core activity, which was based on the adaptation of facilities of reputable local companies and public enterprises to the construction of new buildings, both commercial and residential, and industrial and tourist complexes.

Within SAMEX GROUP Ltd., which predominantly has employed employed graduated civil engineers, civil engineers and other professional engineers, also operates SZGR SAMEX construction that employs the following skilled workforce:

  • 10 highly skilled carpenters
  • 10 highly skilled reinforcers
  • 12 highly skilled masons
  • 6 highly skilled electrical installers
  • 10 highly skilled installers of works in drywall (plaster, plasterboard…)
  • 8 skilled waterworks and sewage system
  • 10 unskilled assistant workers
  • 4 highly skilled ceramist
  • 5 skilled installer for thermal
  • 3 building engineers
  • 1 architectural engineer
  • 2 mechanical engineers (thermal)
  • 2 mechanical electrical engineers (strong current and low voltage)

SAMEX GROUP Ltd. has in its possession vehicles for the delivery with a complete professional equipment for carrying out the works.

Best regards,
Djordje Samardzic

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    Construction of bridge - overpass

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    "For rough construction works and roofing of a family house, the price vary from 150 to 170 euros per square meter and the price does not include land development fee, paperwork...
    In "Turnkey" system service calculation includes connections, installations, facade and interior, so the average price is between 370 and 470 euros per square meter, depending from the quality of materials installed..."

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