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Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization

Construction of 21 housing units in Obrenovac


Works on reconstruction of residential building in Novi Sad

Municipality of Surdulica

Construction of the eastern and western stands of the city stadium, reconstruction and upgrading of existing stands and reconstruction of boxes (loge)

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Construction works

CARITAS of Belgrade Archdiocese

Works at the premises of the Elementary school “14 OCTOBER”, Baric, Obrenovac

City Administration of Belgrade, Department of General affairs

Department of General affairs - party 12,3,7, - Water supply and sewerage works, masonry and glazier works on the buildings of the City Administration

City of Belgrade, Agency for Investment and Housing

Works of Phase II of the renovation and rehabilitation of the facility “Open stadium of Sports and Recreation Center TASMAJDAN”

City of Belgrade - Secretariat for Social Welfare

Works on current (regular) maintenance of office space
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    Construction of bridge - overpass

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    "For rough construction works and roofing of a family house, the price vary from 150 to 170 euros per square meter and the price does not include land development fee, paperwork...
    In "Turnkey" system service calculation includes connections, installations, facade and interior, so the average price is between 370 and 470 euros per square meter, depending from the quality of materials installed..."

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14001 OHSAS


ISO 50001

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