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Adaptation of a retail object of “Službeni glasnik” in New Belgrade
Adaptation of extra courtyard of facility 2 in complex of Archives of Yugoslavia
Completion of upgrade and reconstruction of the existing building of Kindergarden institution "Lane"
Construction of the balloon hall in Otroci
Works on capital maintenance of the Military quarters, Topcider K-97

„Turnkey“ contsruction works on residential and commercial facilty Mediteraneo, Belgrade

Gross Floor Area: 2100 m2.


„Turnkey“ contsruction works on commercial facilty

Gross Floor Area: 1200 m2.

Purchaser: CLS ltd Novi Sad

Reconstruction and renovation works on post office building PO 35250 Paraćin 1

Purchaser: Public Enterprise of PTT communications Serbia (Post of Serbia) - Belgrade, Takovska 2

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    Construction of bridge - overpass

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    "For rough construction works and roofing of a family house, the price vary from 150 to 170 euros per square meter and the price does not include land development fee, paperwork...
    In "Turnkey" system service calculation includes connections, installations, facade and interior, so the average price is between 370 and 470 euros per square meter, depending from the quality of materials installed..."

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